Who We Are

About Us &
OUr Values

Zandria’s Dessert Boutique creates luxuriously decadent, hand-crafted desserts that bring pleasure and happiness to our customers. We do this by creating unique flavors with fresh, high-quality ingredients, and providing an excellent customer service experience. Our customers return to us time and time again because they know that they can trust the quality of our brand and the people behind it. Zandria’s also promotes self-care, body positivity, and sex positivity.


Our brand values are:

Happiness: Customers should enjoy the entire service experience.

Kindness: Respectful, friendly customer service is of utmost importance.

Passion: Customers should feel the pride and love baked into their desserts.

Cleanliness: Adhering to the highest standards of hygiene is a priority.

Self-Care: Enjoying a treat should be comforting, not a source of guilt.


Get to Know the CEO


“My name is Zandria Taylor. Since I was a kid, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. From middle school to high school, I sold snacks & juices out of my school bag to my classmates. The entrepreneurial spirit followed me well into adulthood. Shortly after graduating high school with honors, I endeavored on life’s journey with less than $100 in my pocket and a 6 month old baby girl. We faced many dilemmas along the way with poverty being one of the most difficulty situations. At the young age of 18, I learned to replace my sanity with faith. I had to have enough faith to pay the bills & to raise a baby on my own. But despite the dilemmas I faced, I always wanted to change the world. I always had the desire to want to be “somebody” in life. I’m the person who will stand up to the bully for anyone. My mother raised my siblings and I to be confident and encouraged us to use our voices. I am not a righteous person but I do believe in treating all people right. I believe all people are beautiful. I made a many of mistakes but I tried to learn from most of them. 


I’ve been a nurse for 7 years. I obtained both my LPN & RN from Coahoma Community College. Nursing is my calling. I enjoy taking care of others and being a patient’s advocate. In my spare time, I love having fun & laughing with family & friends , watching my favorite tv shows such as Law and Order: SVU, The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries, and cooking. I also enjoy being a wife and loving & fun mom to three beautiful girls.

About 5 years ago, I turned my hobby into my passion. Making desserts has brought me so much joy. It has definitely been a fun journey creating these desserts. I created Zandria’s Dessert Boutique because I wanted to be a source for people who enjoy delicious desserts. I want people to indulge in luxurious desserts guilt-free & I want people to enjoy my desserts just as much as they enjoy sex. I imagine the 30 year old single mom who just bought my dessert later enjoying a glass of wine & my dessert while soaking in a bubble bath after putting her children down at bedtime. I embark on this journey to encourage others that they, too, can make their dreams come true. As I continue to build my brand, I hope that I’ve helped someone along the way. Through my brand, I pray to form a tribe of influential people who can bring light to the next generation. 


Most of all, I want my customers to enjoy these desserts. Enjoy these desserts with your spouse. Enjoy them with your kids. Enjoy them with your friends. Enjoy them in private. Enjoy them at a party. Enjoy them for breakfast. Just enjoy them. If there’s ever a chance you’re not satisfied, please inform me. I’m a very understanding person and I’ll always try to make it right.”